How Applications Works

Policies and methods for qualifying renters and reducing tenant risk.

With Caretaker Applications, you set a policy for how qualified someone needs to be in order to take certain actions related to your properties. Our evaluation software and systems enforce these policies for you.

The most common configuration results in three sequential steps for the applicant:

  1. Prequalification: An initial screening required for any in-person viewing
  2. Qualification: The final screening required to apply. This prevents anyone unqualified from submitting an application.
  3. Instant application: When they apply they're already qualified. The only remaining step is for them to choose their ideal lease start date.

What to expect

You can expect to receive notifications throughout the marketing process and a notification when you receive an application. All property owners can review their applicants and make the final decision as long as the reasons for rejecting an applicant complies with our policies.

Keep in mind that whether or not your applicant is definitely qualified depends on your plan:

With Caretaker Owner we are not responsible for thoroughly vetting your applicants. Any requirements that are self-reported and/or can't be automatically verified should be thought of as potentially falsified. You should complete the qualification process yourself.

With Caretaker Entrepreneur and Mogul we are responsible for thoroughly vetting your applicants. We will notify you when someone applies and is definitively qualified. Beforehand, all qualification and vetting work is handled for you.

How it works

Each listing has an underlying layer of infrastructure that prequalifies interested renters to make sure they meet your requirements policy. Applicants are guided through a stepped qualification process, wherein they must prove that they meet certain requirements at different points from listing discovery to applying.

There are two core sets of tools that enable this process: policies that act as gatekeepers for rental properties and evaluation tools that decide whether or not renters meet these policies.


Polices are fixed, objective sets of criteria and steps that must be undertaken in order to be qualified for a unit of housing. They can be associated with units, buildings, owners, or property managers. Policies cover different kinds of required criteria - for example, lists of requirements, fees, or extra forms that must be submitted.


Renters submit proof of qualification using an online form that was designed to prevent them from moving forward until they've submitted everything that's required. These submissions are verified primarily by software that lets us directly access the source and secondarily by a layer of human air support trained in leasing best practices.

Once verifications are complete, the renter's profile is compared to the policies. If they meet each criterion then they are qualified. If they don't, then they are unqualified and cannot apply.

Lease signing

After reviewing your applicant, sign a lease with them and they pay a security deposit and countersign. Security deposits are required to reserve a home or apartment.

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