How Marketing Works

Automation technology combined with a suite of tools inspired by your local grocery store's self-checkout aisle work together to match renters with available homes as efficiently as possible.

Caretaker Marketing fills units faster by letting renters move from discovering to viewing a listing in a few seconds, without any phone calls or email threads. The underlying infrastructure powering Marketing includes:


Control how new tenants are attracted, selected and welcomed.

SettingCaretaker DefaultRequired?Configuration
Promotional channelsSee listNoAll units
Type of viewingSelf-guidedPer unit
Availability of viewingsNoMinimum 1 timeslotPer unit
Prequalification checksVerified identity, surveyNoPer unit
Targeted adsNoChannel dependentPer unit


It's important to note that the Marketing suite will result in less overall leads for any given listing. By deterring people who aren't qualified or high-intent, the system prevents both sides of the transaction from wasting valuable time.

Marketing - Statuses (JH).png

An initial prequalification is designed to create more initial dropoff


The success of a rental property depends in part on how it compares to the surrounding housing options. You may have decided how your properties should be positioned in comparison to similar offerings nearby or which renter audience you should be targeting. You can set up and adjust your marketing pages to make sure they reflect this strategy.

  • Which amenities are highlighted?
  • Which characteristics are most prominent in the photos?
  • What (if anything) is included in the written description?

Driving and converting traffic

Once property listings are completed and published, they will be automatically syndicated to a variety of different outlets. When an interested renter sees the listing on a website like Zillow they'll submit an inquiry to express interest. When they do this we respond immediately with instructions for scheduling a viewing.


Renters move from Zillow to Apartment App. Click to view full-size image


As a prerequisite for the in-person tour, renters need to prequalify. A questionnaire encourages them to review the requirements carefully and make sure they will be approved. A verified identity is always required.

The viewing

Once prequalified, interested parties will select a time slot from a list of available viewing time slots on the listing. They'll verify their identity and confirm their appointment.

We'll send them a confirmation email with details and non-sensitive access instructions. For self-tours, we make sure they know that their access code won’t be available until the viewing time slot begins.

An hour before the viewing, they receive a reminder email and SMS and when the window starts we show them their unique access code.

Caretaker demo videos show you the steps renters take to schedule self-tours. Check them out.

Notifications and reporting

You will only hear about qualified applicants who are ready to sign a lease and have deposited earnest money. Until that happens you'll be notified when:

  • An inquiry is received
  • A viewing is booked
  • A question is asked about a unit

You can track marketing activity at any time from the Dashboard. Unit Overview shows views and campaign analytics for a single unit. To see all marketing activities across your portfolio, including booked viewings and questions asked, select the Marketing tab in your dashboard.

Caretaker does not negotiate rent amounts or lease terms with renters.


Caretaker may unlist a listing for violation of our policies:

  • More than three cancellations in a seven-day window
  • No available access windows

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