How Marketing Works

Caretaker creates advertisements for your properties, promotes them, and guides interested renters towards prequalification, booking a tour, and applying.

Caretaker Marketing handles many of the tasks required to match renters with homes by replacing manual communications with automation and self-service software.

Marketing processTraditional flowCaretaker
Post advertisementsManualAutomatic
Answer questions from inquirersManualAutomatic
Coordinate showing timesManualAutomatic
Provide an in-person tourManualSelf-guided
Gather application documentsManualAutomatic

Our technology

Posting advertisements. Homes transition from occupied to published when a new tenant is needed. Once published, they begin to appear on partner websites via structured data about each home that we distribute using XML feeds.

Answering questions from inquirers. Interactive property listings automate the steps required to get accurate information to inquirers quickly. Each listing can tell them if they are qualified, if the home is available at the right times, and provide answers to commonly asked questions.

Coordinating showing times. Scheduling software finds a match between the times of the day that you have approved for self-service access and the prospective tenant's availability. This lets them schedule and reschedule viewings as often as they need to.

Providing in-person tours. Smart locks are connected to Caretaker's qualification system in order to limit access to small periods of the day and prequalified renters.

Gathering application documents. Each listing displays a list of the rental requirements that dynamically tells each logged-in visitor if they meet the qualifications or not. They can't submit an application until they have provided all of the required documents.

Understanding the process

Automation and self-service software guide renters through each step of the leasing process.

Marketing - Statuses (JH).png

Marketing drives interest from and converts potential renters

Driving traffic

Once you have provided all of the required marketing information, units can be listed and unlisted depending on availability status. When listed, the unit will be searchable on:

  • Apartment App
  • Zillow
  • Trulia
  • Hotpads
  • Zumper

    Only listings with available time windows for self-service access or hosted showings will be syndicated.

When an interested renter sees the listing on a third-party website they submit an inquiry on that site. Next, they receive an instant reply with instructions for scheduling a viewing. You will these automated replies in your inbox by default. To turn off this setting get in touch with us directly.


Renters move from Zillow to Apartment App. Click to view full-size image


After arriving at the listing the prospect can find out if they're qualified, get authenticated for viewings, and start their application.


What a renter without any data in their profile or who hasn't created an account sees

The complete application requirements aren't required at this point in the process. If they choose a viewing time before verifying their identity they will be directed to the identity verification process and brought back to the listing to finish scheduling their appointment once they've been verified.


Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 2.34.40 PM.png

Each listing has built-in calendar functionality

Each listing has built-in calendar functionality. Interested parties will select a time slot from a list of available viewing time slots on the listing and confirm their appointment.

We'll send them a confirmation email with details and non-sensitive access instructions. For self-tours, we make sure they know that their access code won’t be available until the viewing time slot begins.

They return to the listing page if they need to reschedule or cancel.

An hour before the viewing, they receive a reminder email and SMS and when the window starts we show them their unique access code.

Caretaker demo videos show you the steps renters take to schedule self-tours. Check them out.

Next steps

Learn how to monitor and troubleshoot Caretaker Marketing once you've set it up.

Lookout for red alerts in the Dashboard Home. For example, if something is blocking a listing this from syndication or publication an alert.

Screen Shot 2022-01-13 at 5.21.27 PM.png

Marketing activity stream

Browse the complete activity feed. All Marketing activity is displayed as a live activity feed in the Marketing reports. See past and upcoming confirmed viewings, questions that have been asked, and performance statistics.

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