How Maintenance Works

A suite of tools that let you control the quality and cost of maintenance and repairs without doing any of the work yourself.

Caretaker Maintenance tracks property health, coordinates repairs, and automatically generates a complete health and service history report for each home.

To enable and optimize Maintenance, provide Caretaker with as much property health information as possible during property onboarding. Create an initial inspection that describes every known maintenance issue, provide information about where important components of the home's systems are located, the age of essential appliances, and guidance for tenants and service providers.

Our technology

Here's what's included in your maintenance control center:

  1. Service controls: Service providers are paid using virtual, programmable credit cards you can have systematic control over who is hired and how much is spent on maintenance and repairs.
  2. Condition tracking: Digital, collaborative home inspections will track the ongoing health of each unit that is running on Caretaker Maintenance.
  3. Integrated financial layer: Automatic categorization and reporting of all your maintenance and repair expenses for each individual unit.

Understanding the process

Maintenance begins with an initial property condition designed to set the benchmark for each home and confirm that it is already in habitable condition. All outstanding issues and as much data about the condition of the home should be reported during this initial inspection.

When a repair is required immediately, you or your tenant can submit an issue. Issues move through different statuses from the time that they're created until they're resolved and paid for. Once an issue has been marked as resolved, documentation of work will be emailed to you and its status will change to resolved and then paid once the invoice has been settled.

A new inspection should be completed at least twice a year to confirm that issues have been resolved adequately and update any maintenance and repair conditions that you're monitoring.

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