Introduction to Caretaker

Get your properties up and running with modern property management.

If you’re considering Caretaker for property management the first thing we recommend you do is get a basic understanding of our systems and processes. Scroll down for a step-by step overview of each phase that the typical owner experiences - starting with their decision to run their properties on Caretaker.

Step 1. Selecting and preparing properties

Whether you are considering changing how you keep your properties managed or are buying a new property that will need management, we recommend reading through our approach and the types of properties that run best on our systems.

All incoming properties must meet our criteria and renters also need to follow our guidelines. Find out Caretaker is the right fit for your properties.

Step 2. Plan activation

Congrats! You’ve decided to move forward with Caretaker and chosen a pricing plan. Each plan requires some degree of initial setup, information exchange, and consensus. Create an account to begin our step-by-step onboarding process. We will provide a list of pending tasks and information, walk you through each step, and let you know when your plan is active.

Step 3. Monitor and troubleshoot

The ongoing operation can begin once your plan is active at each of your properties. You can return to your dashboard at any time to adjust your settings, see operational reports, and add new properties or renters.

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