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Introduce your clients to modern property management.

Follow the below steps to apply to Caretaker's partner program.

  1. Contact our team. Email Our team will review your information to confirm eligibility. We may provide feedback or questions to confirm that you meet our requirements and ensure your success as a partner.
  2. Receive your welcome packet. Once you've been accepted to the program, our team will notify you and provide you with a welcome packet including best practices and tips gathered from other partners and materials that you can use to make it easier to refer your clients to Caretaker.

    • We will provide you with a customized URL in the following format (where the additional identifier is selected by you):
  3. Book a kickoff call (optional). Book a conversation with someone on our team to ask questions about plans, pricing, and how Caretaker works.
  4. Start referring qualified clients. You'll start earning once your first client becomes a customer. Payments are made monthly during the last week of each month. For you to receive a share of their fees, a customer must be attributed to you using your personalized URL. This doesn't mean that they have to sign up when they click your link: as long as they subscribe to a plan within 60 days after initially clicking your link you will get credit for the referral.

Learn about the mechanics of revenue sharing before you become a partner.

  • Set up a payout method. Payments are made during the last week of each month. To make sure you don't miss a payment, create a Caretaker account and add your preferred payout method in the Dashboard. You will receive 1099-NEC forms once your income exceeds $600.

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