Revenue Share Details

Earn up to $500 per unit that you refer to us.

Partners receive a share of all revenue that they refer to Caretaker. Your revenue share will start at 20% and increase with your volume of referrals within any single calendar year. See the below table for details.

Our average revenueYour share at firstYour share after 10 units
Entrepreneur$450$50 /unit$100 /unit
Mogul$1300$200 /unit$500 /unit

Partners also receive free Caretaker property management plans. Free plans for you/your firm continue as long as you refer at least one new customer to Caretaker each year.

Type of planNew partnersVerified partners
EntrepreneurUp to 25 unitsUp to 200 units
Mogul-Up to 5 units

Terms, definitions, and FAQs

Your payments are always directly connected to revenue attributed to you, so if the customer stops paying their fees or if Caretaker stops charging them as a result of suspending their account, you will no longer be compensated for that customer.


Customers must be attributed to you using your personalized URL. This doesn't mean that they have to sign up when they click your link: as long as they subscribe to a plan within 60 days after initially clicking your link you will get credit for the referral. The URL will be provided to you once you've been accepted as a partner.

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