Listing Pages

Public pages for each unit with built-in tools for self-service renting.

Caretaker creates a listing page for each of your units on its platform for renters, Apartment App. The listing itself is interactive, meaning that renters can engage with them to arrange their own showings and qualify themselves.

Elements of the page

Listing pages were designed to answer the questions most commonly asked by prospective renters so that they don’t have to wait for anyone else to do it for them. The page has a few key elements that point to an underlying, dynamic system that's constantly updating the listing.

Element of listing pageCommon question
Qualification requirementsWill I be approved?
Availability calendarIs it available?
Viewing SchedulerWhen can I view it in person?
Questions and AnswersMiscellaneous questions

Each of these elements serves the purpose of answering prospective renters most commonly asked questions and giving them self-service tools to move forward with the listing

Example listing

Group 18.png

Example listing page

Click here to see full example listing

Listing page optimization

Your listing page and the way that the listing appears in search will look different depending on a few key attributes:

  • Are self tours available?
  • Can a viewing be booked instantly?
  • Have requirements been added and do they look realistic?

Renters can filter search results based on these characteristics.

Sharing a listing

Listings are public and can be shared widely. Caretaker gives you a custom "reply to" address which you can use if you want to direct interested parties directly to your listing rather than responding to their inquiries yourself. All inquirers get immediate responses so they can schedule tours, ask questions, and apply. To get your unique "reply to" address:

  • Click the Overflow menu (•••) on the Unit Overview
  • Choose "get auto-reply email"

Frequently asked questions

Can a renter message me?

There is no message button on the listing page. Renters are instructed to book a viewing, check if they qualify, ask a question, or apply. If they have trouble doing any of these things they will contact the Apartment App Helpdesk. If they have a question that must be answered by the property owner then they use the Questions and Answers section.

How do my listings look on other websites?

Listing variables collected and tracked by Apartment App are mapped to the listing fields that show up on each of these websites so as to make the third-party listing as information-rich as possible. Ultimately the way your advertisement looks on another website depends on that website.

Here's how the example listing above appears on

Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 8.23 1.png

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