Requirements List

Publicly displayed minimum requirements for lessees.

Each listing displays a list of the rental requirements that an applicant needs to meet in order to be approved as a tenant. This list is dynamic: it tells the viewer if they are qualified or not using the information in their profile. There are four different possible results:

  1. Incomplete
  2. Unqualified
  3. Qualified
  4. Pending

How it works

As long as a unit has a policy attached to it, the policy will be cross-checked against the data provided by the applicant as soon as the listing loads.

In the below example, tenants must earn a specific multiple of the monthly rent and this income must be verified in two different ways. They are also required to have a credit score of at least 650.

Group 18.png

Example policy being set in the Caretaker dashboard.

The items in the list will change as the renter adds to their profile.


In the scenario where nothing is known about the person viewing the listing then the items in the list show up as to-do items and an Add link appears next to each.


What a renter without any data in their profile or who hasn't created an account sees

If they have already begun verifying that they meet certain requirements but haven't finished then they will see exactly what is missing. An Edit link will appear next to the item that should be completed.


If the renter is unqualified for the rental it means they have submitted all of the required documents and Caretaker has verified that they do not meet the requirement. The listing will display a red "x" next to the requirement disqualifying them.


An applicant is unqualified because their credit score is too low


An applicant is unqualified because their credit score and income are too low


If the renter has verified that they meet all of the requirements they will be able to apply.



The pending status has the same functionality as an incomplete or unqualified status. A user's result is pending if:

  • They ordered a credit report or background check within the last sixty minutes or less
  • Their income could not be automatically verified and is undergoing manual review

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