Inviting Renters

Send current renters invitations to Caretaker's onboarding process.

If you already have a tenant then you can send them an invitation from within the Unit Dashboard. They will receive an email with instructions for setting up an account on Apartment App.

Steps to invite renters

  1. Navigate to the correct unit.

    Type the address in the search bar of your dashboard or choose it from the list of units.

  2. Follow the prompt to invite a renter

    You will be prompted to invite a renter if the unit is currently vacant. Click the button that says Invite a renter.

    Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 6.41.06 PM.png
  3. Upload your tenant's lease

    Add the lease details: start date, end date, monthly rent, and a deposit that you are holding.

    Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 6.41.06 PM.png
  4. Provide us with the tenant's name and contact information

They will receive a welcome email with a link to set up their Apartment App account. Each incoming tenant will be asked to:

  • Review the lease agreement that you uploaded and confirm that it is accurate
  • Add a payment account for rent payments

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