Inviting Renters

Invite your current renters so that we can welcome them and make sure they feel taken care of from the get-go.

If there are any renters currently living in units that you are transitioning to Caretaker, provide us with their contact information and lease documents.

When we welcome tenants, our priority is to set them and us up for success by making sure they know what’s expected of them and what they can expect of us. Each tenant receives a welcome email with a link to set up their Apartment App account. This is where they will pay rent, request services, review their rent payment history, security deposit status, and key documents.

Steps to invite renters

  1. Navigate to the correct unit. Type the address in the search bar of your dashboard or choose it from the list of units.
  2. Whenever our systems think a unit is vacant, there will be a button at the top of the screen suggesting that you invite a renter:
    Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 6.52.09 PM.png
  3. Add the lease details: start date, end date, monthly rent, and a deposit that you are holding.
    Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 6.41.06 PM.png
  4. Upload a copy of their lease
  5. Provide us with the renter's name and contact information

Frequently asked questions

What if my tenant has no email?

  • To be eligible for Caretaker, tenants must be able to pay rent and interact with maintenance activity using the internet. This requires access to and fluency with an email address.

What if I don't have a copy of the lease?

  • Once you have provided these details we will present them to your renter and ask them to accept the terms. For this reason, a copy of the document itself is not required.

What if the lease is month-to-month?

  • As long as a cancellation term is in the actual lease agreement, this will supersede any details that your provide. Choose any date in the future.

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