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Landlord Responsibilities in New York

New York landlords are required by law to maintain certain standards in their rental apartments.

Landlords in New York are required to comply with federal and state fair housing laws and keep your rental unit habitable.

Keep the apartment habitable: New York has very specific standards that landlords are required to maintain in their rental units, and if they don't meet these standards the tenant has the right to withhold rent until repairs are made or leave.

Keep insurance up to date: There's no state law requiring this, but it's a requirement for any kind of financing so you can expect that a landlord is protected against fire and casualty.

Not harass you: Landlords are all bound by this federal law that means they can't interfere with your expected use of the rental. Anything that could be considered a retaliation against you for something you did (like calling 311) or any sort of forceful buyout offer or pressure to make you move is considered landlord harassment and are finable offenses.

Let you sublet: Your New York landlord is required to let you sublet your apartment as long as you give them a chance to approve the subtenant.

Let you assign: Landlords are allowed to deny your request to transfer (or assign) your lease to someone else, but if they do this "unreasonably" then they have to let you break your lease without a fee.

Return your security deposit: If the apartment is in a building with six or more units then landlords have to keep security deposits in a separate escrow account, pay out interest on the deposit, and return it within 14 days.

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