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Getting Approval for a Sublet in New York

New York Real Property Law 226-B provides tenants with very specific instructions for requesting landlord approval for a sublet.

What to Send

Send the the following information to your landlord:

  • A letter requesting approval that clearly states the beginning and ending dates of the sublease, the name, business address and home address of the proposed subtenant, the reason you’d like to sublet the unit, and the address where you will reside during the sublet. Here's an example.
  • A copy of your proposed sublet agreement, signed by the tenant and subtenant, along with a copy of your lease if applicable.
  • If there are any co-tenants, roommates, or guarantors on the lease you should get their written consent by asking them to sign the agreement too.

How to Send It

You must send a request by certified mail, return receipt requested, no less than 30 days before the proposed sublet would begin.

Sent a request, and not getting a response? Find out what you can do if your landlord ignores you or refuses your request in New York.

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