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Landlord Responsibilities for Repairs in New York

Your New York landlord is required to make any repairs that have to do with your health and safety or expectations about your rental, and your lease probably requires them to fix appliances that they installed.

New York landlords are responsible for repairs when those repairs are listed in Real Property Law 235. That law is New York's version of the warranty of habitability, which is a regulation that's imposed on all landlords even if the lease doesn't explicitly mention it.

The property law, combined with decades of court cases, offer plenty of detail about which repairs you can expect your landlord to make:

  • Your landlord has to keep your apartment safe
  • It needs to be fit for humans to live in
  • They also have to make sure that it meets and continues to meet the expectations you had when you signed the lease

For more detail read up on New York's warranty of habitability.

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