Configure Inspections

Preparing for the first property inspection is something that can be done by you or someone you work with. This is not required but it is strongly recommended - the better your initial setup the easier it will be for inspectors to submit high-quality reports going forward. There are three steps for setup:

  1. Establishing which room is which with photos
  2. Customizing the room composition
  3. Reporting known maintenance issues

Add a photo of each room

Add a photo of each room so that everyone who completes an inspection going forward will correctly locate the issues that they report.

Photos should include as much of the room as possible.

Add custom rooms

If there are additional parts of the property that should always be inspected, you can add them in the "other rooms" section.

Report at-risk areas

You can customize the issues that inspections are tracking for each individual unit.

Add information about any maintenance issues or at-risk areas that should be tracked more carefully over time. Issues that you add while your property is getting set up will show up in the inspection experience for everyone going forward. They will be prompted to add updates about this issue.

  • Has it been fixed?
  • Is it the same?
  • Is it worse?

While it isn't required for you to do this it does make it much easier to track potential maintenance problems and prevent them from worsening to the point of a major expense.

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