How do I set up self-service viewings?

Order and set up a smart lock then make sure your instructions for prospective tenants are as clear as possible.

Which smart locks are supported by Caretaker?

Caretaker Access only works with our pre-certified smart locks.

How do I set up my Igloohome keybox?

Get your pin code from your Caretaker dashboard then open the keybox and place your keys inside.

Where should I put my Igloohome keybox?

The best keybox placement depends on what you're using it for.

How do I give access to trusted contractors or real estate brokers?

They can get one-time pin codes just like prospective new tenants do.

My Igloohome keybox won't open

Here's how to troubleshoot if you can't get your IglooHome keybox to open.

How do I tell a handyman or Taskrabbit to setup my keybox?

Is someone helping you set up your keybox? Send them this guide!

How do you protect listings during viewings?

Careful identity verification and other anti-theft measures, plus insurance.

Who do renters contact during contactless viewings?

We offer an SMS hotline for anyone using our Access product. Texts go directly to the Caretaker support team.

Do units need to be vacant for contactless viewings?

The unit doesn't need to be vacant but does need to be empty during viewings.