Flip is Now Caretaker - Here’s Why


My keybox won't open

The indicator light on the keybox will help determine what's going on.

My keybox access code works, but the keybox isn't opening

A green light after you enter your code indicates that the code was accepted and the keybox has been unlocked.

My keybox is not responding to my touch

The keybox should illuminate and beep every time you touch a number.

My keybox access code isn't working

A red light after you enter your code indicates that you entered a code that is incorrect or has already expired.

How do I setup viewings for my listing?

Add viewing time windows so that prospective renters can setup a viewing using the button on your listing page.

How do I send back a keybox?

Use our pre-paid padded envelope and drop it off at the nearest UPS location.

Will contactless viewings work at my building?

We don't recommend contactless viewings for all types of buildings.

Do units need to be vacant for contactless viewings?

The unit doesn't need to be vacant but does need to be empty during viewings

How do Caretaker's contactless viewings work?

Hang our smart keybox on the door and we'll coordinate all of your viewings until you get an applicant.

Who do renters contact during contactless viewings?

Viewers use the regular Caretaker support line or our "viewings emergencies" hotline if they need help

How do I give access to my staff or brokers?

They can get one-time pin codes just like prospective new tenants do.

How do you protect listings during viewings?

Careful identity verification and other anti-theft measures, plus insurance.