What is Caretaker Leases?

Caretaker Leases automates the enforcement of lease contracts between landlords and tenants.

What are the terms in a Caretaker lease agreement?

Automated rent payments, rent demand notices and security deposit claims.

How do automated rent payments work?

We do all of the calculations for you and charge each tenant on autopilot.

How do security deposits work?

Caretaker provides an escrow service for security deposits.

Why do I need additional verification for my payouts?

We're required to remain compliant with Know Your Customer laws

How do digital signatures work?

Digital signatures have been legally binding in the U.S. since 2000.

When do I get my rent payouts?

You can expect to receive rent payouts 6-8 business days after your renter has made their rent payment.

Can I upload my own lease document?

Yes. You can upload a custom lease before you accept an applicant.