How do I adjust my application requirements?

Set your tenant requirements from the applications tab within your dashboard.

How does the system keep me compliant with fair housing laws?

The application process was designed to make it easier for housing providers to maintain a compliant tenant screening process.

What happens when I accept or reject an applicant?

Accept them by signing the lease then the application will go to their landlord. If you reject them they'll be notified.

How long do background checks and credit reports take?

It takes a few minutes for an applicant to receive the credit check and background report.

How do Caretaker Applications work?

Complete, fair-housing compliant tenant screening.

How do you verify income and employment?

Directly from the source - pay stubs, tax returns and employment letters are verified with references.

What is in the applicant's background check exactly?

Our background checks include credit, criminal and eviction history.