What is Caretaker Marketing?

Tools to match vacancies with qualified tenants.

What are the important parts of a public listing?

Here's a guide to creating a listing advertisement.

How should I use the Q&A section on my listing?

Questions were designed to be answered publicly so that other prospective renters can benefit from the answers.

Is there a minimum lease length on Caretaker?

Yes. We require all listings to be available for at least thirty days.

Is my address visible to other users?

Caretaker will never share your exact address. If your listing is syndicated then your street address will be visible.

Where else will my listing show up?

Leaseholder and Landlord plan listings get syndicated to other websites and to partner real estate brokerages.

How do I make sure renters know my pet policy?

Choose the Pets OK amenity when you set up the unit.

How do I sent auto-responses to leads?

Put your personalized Caretaker email into the contact form.

What are listing boosts?

Boosts are a way for you to advertise your listing to hyper targeted audiences on Facebook and Instagram.