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How do I setup viewings for my listing?

There are two different kinds of viewings that you can choose when you list with Caretaker. You can offer contactless viewings (where renters use a keybox for entry) or you can offer viewings that you run yourself. This guide will focus on regular viewings (not using a keybox) - if you want to setup contactless keybox viewings, click the link above for instructions.

Steps for adding viewing windows

1. Go to your units dashboard. Head to the units tab and click the address you want to manage.

2. Continue to viewing settings. Click Manage viewing settings.


3. Add access instructions and a photo. Leave a note about how a viewer should start their tour. It can be as simple as "I'll meet you in the building lobby". If a photo would help a viewer get to the right place, upload one here.

This note, photo, and your address will be shown to the viewer in advance of their viewing time so they know where to go.

4. Choose viewing windows and keep them updated. Add time windows when you know you will definitely be available.

By default, your time windows will be recurring for as long as your unit is listed. For example, if you add Saturdays and Sundays between 12PM and 5PM, they'll remain available until you remove or edit these times (or unlist your listing). Come back to this page to add, remove, or change your windows whenever you need to.


5. Communicate with viewers. You'll receive an email notification if someone schedules a viewing during one of your windows. One hour before the viewing, you'll receive a text message with a number you can use to text the viewer.

Additional information

Caretaker only provides viewer support for contactless viewings. If you're showing the space yourself then you must be available to viewers during the time windows that you marked as available.


These are improvements that users have requested and that we plan on implementing (email our support team to make a request):

  • Let you connect your Caretaker viewings calendar with other calendars so they all sync at once

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