How do you protect listings during viewings?

We designed our viewings system from the ground up in order to prevent theft or vandalism. Here's everything you need to know.

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Identity verification software

Viewers have to go through a careful verification process before getting self-guided access to a space. The software that we use to verify identity allows us to instantly check the validity of the identity document, cross-check it against certain databases to rule out fraud, and compare it to the person's photo to make sure that it is in fact their identity document. This functionality is powered by Stripe - you can test the identity verification process yourself using your Apartment App account (same login as Caretaker) here - just click Verify at the bottom of the page.

Payment method on file

We keep a card on file during viewings to deter thefts. Just like with identity checks, it's impossible to get the keybox code without going through this process.

Caretaker Protection Policy

We hold a general liability and real estate professionals insurance policy that extends coverage to listers while our tools are being used to turnover a unit from one tenant to another. Read more here.

Time-based one-time passwords

Access codes are generated offline using algoPIN™. Each code is only valid for the exact timeslot of the viewing, e.g., 1pm-2pm on June 1st. The code will not work before or after this timeslot. This makes our systems more secure than systems integrated with other locks. For a deep dive comparison of the available smart lock options, head to our guide on self service showings.

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