Should I choose a keybox or a deadbolt?

Smart deadbolts are more secure, easier to use, and allow you to see more about who is entering and exiting your properties. Benefits include:

  • Less prone to user error. Visitors won't have any trouble finding the lock since it's attached to the door. They won't have any issues removing physical keys or handling tricky key and lock combinations.
  • Impossible for users to leave with the key by mistake or copy a key.
  • Has a sensor so you can be alerted if it has been left unlocked and see exactly who enters and exits your properties.

However, there are some situations that warrant a smart keybox. Benefits of a smart keybox include:

  • No need to fundamentally change the door.
  • No upfront costs. Keybox rentals are included with Caretaker Entrepreneur.
  • Easy to move a keybox from one unit to another, which is useful if you only plan on using smart access for showings.
  • Great option for piloting smart access at your property.

See Planning a Smart Lock Installation for more guidance.

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