What are the terms in a Caretaker lease agreement?

Caretaker offers a default residential lease agreement that provides equal protection to landlords and tenants. Below are our recommended lease terms.

  1. Duration: This ensures that there is no confusion about when the tenant can take possession of the property and the length of their obligations under the lease.

    Options for customizing the duration term:

    • Start date: This is the day that your tenant has the right to move into the property once the lease is signed. They will select their preferred start date as the last step of the application process. You can review and update this date.
    • End date and month to month option: Agree to a minimum time frame for the lease by choosing an end date. After this date the lease converts to a month-to-month agreement requiring 30 days notice from your tenant should they decide to leave.
  2. Rent amount and instructions: This requires your tenant to pay the rent on time and in full and explains when and how to do so.

    Rent terms that are set when you create a listing:

    • Amount: This cannot be changed after an application

    Default terms that are not customizable:

    • Due date: Rent is due on the first of the month
    • Instructions: Rent must be paid using Caretaker's Apartment App
    • Procedures for avoiding late rent: We do not support late rent fees. Instead, you can set your default lease to require that your tenant put their rent on an automated schedule.

  3. Utilities: You can insert utility terms that are specific to your property.

  4. Landlord responsibilities: This specifies your responsibility to maintain the physical condition of the property so that the tenant is provided with a safe and habitable home.

    Default terms that are not customizable:

    • Habitability & appliances: You will approve necessary repairs and preventative maintenance appointments and maintain any appliances that the property comes with.
    • Quiet enjoyment: You agree to deliver possession of the unit on the start date and not to get in their way of living in the property in any way.
    • Notice before entry: You agree to only enter the promises when necessary for a repair or while the property is listed as available for showings and always with 24 hours notice.
  5. Tenant responsibilities: This term specifies your tenant's responsibility to you and the property.

    • Appropriate use: Tenants will not use the unit for commercial or illegal purposes.
    • Cooperation with maintenance: Tenants must provide access to service providers as needed and report maintenance as they emerge.
    • Renters' insurance: Tenants are encouraged to purchase an insurance policy.
  6. Default: A short explanation of Caretaker's standard operating procedure in the event that either you or your tenant defaults on the lease.

    • Default by tenant: A lease default will trigger three consecutive "notice to cure" emails followed by a letter. If the tenant does not cure his or her default, the landlord has the right to terminate the lease and retake possession and recover damages.
    • Default by landlord: A lease default should begin with a notification sent to you by your tenant. You will have 30 days to cure the alleged default. Caretaker will investigate the complaint and may freeze your account depending on our findings.
  7. Sublets & assignments: This provides tenants with instructions for getting your approval if they want to sublet or assign the lease.

  8. Key transfer and lockout policy: If smart access is already set up at the property then the tenant will be instructed to gain access on the first day of the lease using the keys in their keybox or the smart deadbolt. Lost codes, backup keys, or broken locks are their responsibility.

  9. Security deposit details and procedures: The deposit amount and location as well as the procedure for returning it and handling damage claims. All deposits are returned within 14 days unless a claim is made.

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