When do I get my rent payouts?

You can expect to receive rent payouts 3-10 business days after your renter has made their rent payment. While we do not control the payment transfer timeline we've done our best to show you exactly what's happening with each rent payment:

Payment transfer timeline

  1. Payment is created: The renter authorizes a charge on their credit card, debit card, or an ACH transfer from their bank account.
  2. Payment is verified: Caretaker's payment processing partner makes sure that the credit and/or funds are available. For credit card rent payments this can happen instantly. Debit and ACH payments may take up to 5 days.
  3. Payout is created: The funds will appear in your bank account within 24 hours. Email support@caretaker.com if you see a payment that has succeeded but the funds have not arrived.


You can check on the status of all of your rent payments at one time in your Revenue section of your dashboard. Common reasons for rent payout delays:

  • Failed payments: Typically this means the renter had insufficient funds in their bank account or their bank blocked the transaction. Your payout will show up as pending until they have updated their payment method or added the required funds and the payment is retried.

  • Payout is stuck in-transit: Your payout status changes to in-transit once the funds have been verified and the transfer has initiated. If the status does not change to paid within one day the most likely reason is that Caretaker's payment processor has requested more information about your business and identity. For example, you may need to verify your identity or prove ownership of your LLC. If this is the case search your email for a request from support@caretaker.com and follow the instructions.

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