How should I set up my Caretaker keybox?

Caretaker uses keyboxes to safely provide temporary access to service providers and potential renters in Managed by Caretaker apartments. Here are some common questions about setting it up.

This article is about setting up keyboxes. If you’re having trouble opening the keybox, click here.

Where do I put it?

I can get to my apartment door without any keys or fobs

You can hang the keybox directly on your doorknob or knocker. If your building has a strict policy against items in the hallway and/or keyboxes in general, follow the steps in the next section.

I need a key or fob to get to my apartment door

The keybox should be safely attached onto a permanent structure somewhere close to your building. Some popular places are: bike stands, tree guards, and railings. Avoid locking the keybox on or right next to the front door of the building or other spots where a keybox is likely to be removed. If in doubt, contact our support team.

When do I set it up?

You should set up the keybox as soon as it arrives, within 48 hours. If your keybox isn't setup in this time period, your Caretaker Instant agreement may be modified or cancelled. If you’re no longer living in or close to the address, you can ship the box to a neighbor or friend to set it up for you.

What do I put inside?

The keybox should contain any keys or fobs that a visitor needs to access the apartment. If you only have one set, you’ll need to get an extra set for Caretaker to use.

How do I open it?

You can view your code from your Takeover Dashboard. If you're having issues opening the keybox, please see this guide.

Who will use the keybox?

Service providers (such as cleaners and photographers) and potential renters who are interested in your apartment. You can read more about how we protect listings during viewings here.

Why can’t I just leave the keys with my doorman/concierge?

The keybox lets us give access for a specific hour of a specific day, which means we know exactly who picks up a key when. We need this information to keep visits safe, and the keyboxes are the easiest and most secure way of keeping track of that.

Why can’t I open the door for you?

If you want to be home during viewings or when service providers come by that’s fine with us. Visitors will still need to use the keybox and spare key, as this allows us to control who visits and when.

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