What do auto-responder emails say and can I customize them?

The content and timing of auto-responder emails are designed to increase renter conversion to clicking through and taking an action on your listing. After many rounds of testing, the following format proved to be the best performing:

Example autoresponder.png

A few things to note:

1. Responses are nearly instant: Since it's often very easy to express interest in a rental listing on advertising websites, leads tend to lose interest the longer it's been since they initially clicked the inquire button. We've seen higher conversion and engagement when they get instant responses to their inquiries.

2. The unit address is included in the subject line: For example, if the address is 10 Caretaker Lane the subject line will be re: 10 Caretaker Lane.

3. Leads are directed immediately to the listing on Apartment App

4. The Apartment App help team assists with applications, showings and other questions.

Roadmap: Let you customize responses to your own brand and messaging

This has been requested and we hear you loud and clear! If you feel strongly about this feature head to our product roadmap and vote on it.

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