What is Caretaker?

Caretaker is a property management company for modern real estate investors, using automated systems to improve operating results and transform the tenant experience.

Why do we exist?

Traditionally, the work of a property manager is a slog. Phone calls with tenants, paperwork, and site visits eat up the day and require a high ratio of staff to properties, leading to low margins.

Rental property owners and tenants bear the brunt of this inefficiency, paying more and getting less every year.

Why are we different?

We decided that fixing property management was a software problem rather than a people problem.

A new infrastructure of software and hardware has made it possible to automate most of the tasks that are traditionally done by property managers and leasing agents. Our injection of technology into a traditionally manual area of work lets us do better work for less cost, and we pass those savings onto our customers.

As renters ourselves we started with the renter perspective. We continue to prioritize their experience.

We were designed by tenants for tenants and we're obsessed with giving renters the best experience possible, down to the smallest details.

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