What's Caretaker?

Caretaker is a property management company for modern real estate investors, using automated systems to improve operating results and transform the tenant experience. We build software that finds and selects tenants, moves, and tracks money, and keeps properties in good physical condition.

Managing a rental property is a complex operation. Phone calls with tenants, paperwork, and site visits eat up the day and require a high ratio of staff to properties, leading to low margins. All of this manual effort drives up management fees for owners without improving the quality of the housing that consumers are getting. We build products that remove logistical inefficiencies and unnecessary, receptive work from home management.

Our goal is to automate the property management work that is best suited for automation and leave the rest to skilled professionals to make more high-quality housing available.

Caretaker specializes in managing single-family homes, duplexes, and small apartment buildings. Within these properties, we have additional criteria that each unit must meet. Please review the below criteria before moving forward with a Caretaker property management plan.


  • Lower fees. Caretaker's injection of technology into the most labor-intensive tasks required to manage properties reduces our costs so we can charge lower fees
  • Consistent, superior quality. Software makes better decisions and improves the more its used.more consistent, reliable and accurate management.
  • More transparency and control.

lets us do better work for less cost, and we pass those savings onto our customers. - To understand how Caretaker works, you have to go back 20 years.

A new infrastructure of software and hardware has made it possible to automate most of the tasks that are traditionally done by property managers and leasing agents.

Why are we different?

  • We were designed by tenants for tenants and we're obsessed with giving renters the best experience possible, down to the smallest details.

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