Where else will my listing show up?

If you are looking to rent out a unit you can advertise on listing websites without having to reply to the leads that are driven by those. To do this, use the email address provided to you in the Dashboard as your reply email. Find detailed instructions here.

By default, when you mark a unit as available it will appear on Caretaker.com and Apartment.app. Automated syndication to multiple listing websites like Zillow is available for Entrepreneur planholders. If you are not sure if syndication has begun please review common causes below and please reach out to our support team if the listing is still not syndicated.

Troubleshooting listing syndication

Syndication typically takes 12-36 hours from the time a listing is listed on Caretaker. If your listing is not appearing where you'd expect please make sure that none of the below issues apply.

  • Viewing times for showing appointments

To be syndicated, the listing must be marked as Listed on Caretaker and have active viewing time windows setup. Set time windows as available in your Dashboard.

  • Listing address is already claimed

Zillow Group properties will not publish a listing if the address has already been claimed by another account. If this is your Zilllow account then you will need to contact their support team to request syndication through Caretaker.

  • Unit type unavailable for syndicattion

Shared homes cannot be syndicated.

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