Flip is Now Caretaker - Here’s Why

Can I use Leaseholder to assign or transfer my lease?

The Caretaker Leaseholder plan was built to help you sublet. However, many of the tools for subletting are applicable to lease transfers and assignments.

If you definitely want to assign/transfer your lease (not sublet), you can still use the Caretaker Leaseholder plan to help you find and screen applicants. If you’re not sure whether or not you should sublet, ask our support team!

Note: If your building asks you to add an occupant to your lease rather than sublet, you should still follow the normal sublet process on our site. We refer to subletting and adding an occupant interchangeably.

Listing setup

Follow all our normal processes and website prompts to setup your listing until you come to the Landlord (Tenant) Requirements section. Here, select that you do not need landlord approval. You should set the requirements your landlord has for new leases (the same criteria you had to meet when you moved in).


If someone applies, you’ll be able to see their profile (including their background/credit check and income, if applicable) and message them via Caretaker.

At this stage, if you decide to move forward with the applicant, you’ll need to complete the remainder of your building’s lease transfer/assignment process outside of Caretaker, directly with your building and the applicant. You should not proceed with signing a sublease agreement on Caretaker unless you intend to sublet.

Our support team can only assist with sublet applications so you'll be on your own here. After you complete the lease transfer/assignment process, be sure to cancel your plan so you no longer get charged.

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