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Equip homes with keyboxes, deadbolts, or both.

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Whether you own single home or hundreds of homes, smart locks are safer and more intuitive than traditional locks. We provide out-of-the box smart lock integrations for easy setup and personalized options for larger or unit homes or portfolios.

  • Smart locks eliminate the risk of physical locks and keys since they can't be lost or copied. It's easy to remove access remotely, and Caretaker only integrates with pre-certified smart locks that meet our security criteria.
  • More convenient for renters and service providers. Instead of getting locked out or having to wait for access because of scheduling issues, authenticated visitors like new tenants or service providers can let themselves into properties.
  • Smart access increases visibility for home owners and other stakeholders. Depending on the lock type, see visitor logs and audit trails so you always know who entered and when.

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