Installing Smart Locks

Steps for ordering and installing smart locks.

Installing a Caretaker-integrated smart lock has two steps.

  1. Physical hardware installation
  2. Connection to marketing and maintenance coordination software

Smart locks can be installed by you, by the current tenant, or by someone you work with. In situations where the installer does not have a Caretaker account, we provide them with instructions for submitting the required information over email or text.

Smart lock installation is part of the Mogul plan. Get in touch if you want Caretaker to do this for you.

Physical hardware installation

Step-by-step installation instructions are available in the Dashboard.

  1. Order the appropriate lock.
  2. Wait for email notification that the lock shipment has arrived.
  3. Open the package, remove the lock and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

Connection to Caretaker

Caretaker's systems will be granting and revoking access to the unit by communicating with each smart lock. When a visitor confirms an access appointment, certain information will be shared with them to ensure that they have a seamless experience entering and exiting the home. For these processes to work, the lock must be:

  • Paired with the individual unit that it will be controlling access for. Each lock shipment will arrive with clear labeling to indicate the address that it is synced with. To avoid mistakes, select that address when setting up the lock using the Dashboard and make sure that all third-party installers take note of these assignations.
  • Associated with instructions for finding the property, unit, and the lock (in the case of portable locks). Adding this information is a required part of access setup.
  • Governed by a calendar that blocks off certain time windows as either available or unavailable.

    Locks must be ordered through Caretaker so that they can be controlled by our systems.

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