What is Caretaker Leases?

Caretaker Leases automates the enforcement of lease contracts between landlords and tenants.

Leases features include:

Lease agreements: Everyone has access to a standard residential lease agreement for their state within their dashboard. You can also upload your own agreement.

E-signing: You will sign your leases online using our integration with HelloSign. HelloSign is owned by Dropbox.

Automated rent payments: Tenants can pay manually or set up autopay. A system of alerts and notices — starting with an initial late rent notification and ending with the core components of the eviction process — are triggered by late rent or unpaid rent.

Security deposits: Tenants security deposits are held in escrow and damages can be deducted from the deposit at any point during the lease when state law allows.

Wondering about the Leases roadmap?

We'll be adding features that automate the enforcement of additional parts of the lease contract. We'll also be building tools that help to deter late or missed rent payments by making it easier for tenants to manage cash flow and remember to pay.

You can check out the Caretaker product roadmap, and vote on features, whenever you'd like. You can also send us a note directly.

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