Activate Caretaker Owner

Follow these steps to get Owner up and running:

  1. Add or import units
  2. Invite your tenants
  3. Set up Marketing
  4. Verify property condition
  5. Add access instructions
  6. Add bank accounts


By moving forward with plan activation, you are attesting to your legal ownership of the properties that you are activated and that they meet our property criteria.

Step 1 - Add information about units

To add the addresses of all units that should be activated, select the Units tab on the left-hand navigation menu in the Dashboard and click Add Unit.

Addresses cannot be changed once added. Make sure the street name, number, and identifier of the unit are accurate.

Step 2 - Invite your tenants

For each unit that is currently occupied, invite current tenants by selecting Onboard renters. Provide their current lease and contact information.

Get in touch to import many properties or tenants at once.

Step 3 - Set up tenant placement (Optional)

For each unit that needs a new renter, review the system requirements and confirm that everything is in place.

Step 4 - Add a payout account

Add a payout destination so that that you are ready to begin receiving rent payments.

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