Tenant Placement Checklist

Understand what needs to be in place for self-checkout leasing to work properly.

Ensure you have completed the below steps if your unit is vacant and need to find a tenant.

  1. Complete the property listing

    Provide standard marketing details for your property listing. Listing setup takes a couple of minutes. Once your listing is completed and marked as published, it will automatically go live on Caretaker's website for renters, Apartment App.

  2. Set your tenant requirements policy

    Each listing displays a list of the rental requirements that an applicant needs to meet in order to be approved as a tenant. Set and adjust your application requirements for new tenants before your listing goes live. There are two ways to do this:

    • Global requirements: Apply a single policy to all units at once by navigating to the Settings page in your dashboard. Click on the Applications setting link and you will be prompted to set your requirements.
    • Unit requirements: Choose specific tenant requirements for a specific unit from within the dashboard for that particular unit. To do this, select Update Requirements from the overflow menu (•••) on the top right of that unit's page.
  3. Add viewing timeslots

    Add available timeslots for viewers. The access calendar can be adjusted for each unit from that unit's dashboard.

  4. Add instructions for verified viewers

    Add access instructions that should be shared with viewers to make sure that they can find the unit and gain access during their viewing window. They will only see this information once their account has been verified.

    • For self-tours: This is especially important if you have placed a keybox outside of the unit to facilitate self-guided tours.

    • For hosted viewings: By default, viewers will be put in contact with the cell phone number associated with your account, but you can tell them to call an agent's number or the main office line instead.

  5. Post supplementary advertisements

    After completing all of the above steps your listing will be ready for prospects to view and use. At this point, you can create additional advertisements and share links to your listing on third-party sites.

You can route every lead to your personalized listing link by using your customized email address as the reply to email wherever you share the link. All inquirers get immediate responses so they can schedule tours, ask questions, and apply

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