Flip is Now Caretaker - Here’s Why

What is Caretaker Maintain?

Caretaker Maintain is a suite of tools that let you and your tenants spot, fix and track maintenance issues.

Maintain revolves around a digital timeline of all maintenance-related activity for each of your rental units. You can invite tenants and contractors to contribute to your timeline so that it captures all of the events and information that affect you and your tenants, from small issues that may get worse to repairs that require immediate attention.

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An inspection is a way to document the state of a unit at a particular point in time with the maximum attention to detail. The inspector is guided through a series of steps, requiring them to check each component of each room and upload photos of any part of the unit that's less than pristine.

How do I create an inspection

How do I request an inspection


A report is a documentation of single maintenance update or repair request for your unit. Reports can be neutral, like when a water filter is replaced, or action-oriented, like when the sink isn't working.

How do I add a report

How do I respond to a report

To start tracking all of your maintenance issues in one place add a unit and add reports of recent or outstanding repairs.

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