Customizing Inspections

Tell us about the current condition of your properties so that they can be properly inspected going forward.

During plan activation, you'll be prompted to submit the first inspection report for each of your units. This has three purposes:

  1. Making sure that at-risk areas get tracked more carefully
  2. Adding extra rooms so that they don't get overlooked by future inspectors
  3. Establishing a clear name for room to prevent future confusion

The first property inspection can be completed by anyone with an intimate knowledge of the property's characteristics and maintenance conditions.

Setting up issue tracking

Customize the issues that inspections are tracking for each individual unit by adding information about any at-risk areas that should be tracked more carefully over time. Issues that you add will show up in the inspection experience for everyone who uses it going forward. They will be prompted to add updates or mark the issue as resolved:

  • Has it been fixed?
  • Is it the same?
  • Is it worse?

While it isn't required for you to do this it does make it much easier to track potential maintenance problems and prevent them from worsening to the point of a major expense.

Add a photo of each room

Each room in the inspection is identified with a photo. This ensures that everyone who completes an inspection going forward will correctly locate the issues that they report. Inspectors will be prompted to look at it and make sure they're about to submit information for the correctly labeled room. Otherwise, one report may generate issues for "Bedroom 2" that are actually presenting "Bedroom 1."

Start inspection report.png

Each room in the inspection is identified with a photo

To include as much of the room as possible, take the identifying photo from the corner of the room.

Adding extra rooms

If there are additional parts of the property that should always be inspected, you can add them in the "other rooms" section in the last step.

Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 1.28.13 PM.png

Get in touch to request an additional custom room option.

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