Learn how Caretaker resolves maintenance issues.

If an issue is classified as requiring service, it gets turned into a into service appointments using a set of built-in rules that pair with the appropriate response or combination of responses

If you aren't sure why an issue in your Dashboard isn't moving forward, first check to see if it was evaluated as not requiring immediate service by looking for it in this list of common discretionary issues. Next, look for the issue in the below set of rules to determine the expected outcome.

Type of issuePart of homeService typeResponse
LeakingPipePlumbing, mold remediationService
Leaking roofRoofRoof repairOut of scope
BrokenPower outletElectricianOut of scope
BrokenRunning waterPlumbingService
Code compliance issueAnyAnyOut of scope
Safety hazard issueAnyAnyOut of scope
Drain clogged & brokenSink or tubPlumbingService
Switch turns on wrong lightLight switchesElectricianOut of scope
Slow drainSink or tubPlumbingMonitor
Drain cloggedSink or tubPlumbingService
BrokenLight switch (but theElectricianService
Broken IcemakerFridgeApplianceOut of scope
Pipes corroding visiblyPipePlumbingMonitor
Broken drain stopTubPlumbingOut of scope
Smoke/co2 detector issue (any)Replace item
Window doesn't lockWindowGeneralService
Bug/vermin spottingNAExterminatorService
Water pressure has gotten weaker over timeTubPlumbingOut of scope
Bathtub stopper is brokenTubGeneralOut of scope
Door handle is brokenInterior doorGeneralOut of scope
Rust stains on interior of tubTubOtherGeneral
Toilet is coming loose from the floorToiletPlumbingMonitor

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