How Issues Work

Understand how to create maintenance issues and interpret your list of open issues.

An issue report is a new piece of information about the physical condition of a property. It could be severe and require immediate service, potentially severe and require careful tracking, or cosmetic and non-urgent. You can report an issue using the Dashboard and tenants can report issues using Apartment App.

How issues are created

A maintenance issue is created in one of four ways.

  1. By your tenants as a singular report: Tenants are encouraged to report all issues as soon as they notice it - even if it seems small.
  2. By your tenants during an inspection: Tenants are required to conduct move-in and move-out inspections. Each inspection aggregates multiple new issues and updates old issues.
  3. By you: You may report an issue at any time either by conducting your own property inspection or creating an individual issue.
  4. By a third-party during an inspection: You can invite a contractor, colleague, or friend to inspect a unit. They will be guided through the steps to create new issues and update outstanding ones.

All outstanding issues should be added during plan activation so Caretaker can track them.

Lifecycle of an issue

Issues move through different statuses from the time that they're created until they're resolved and paid for:

StatusDescriptionPossible actions
openSubmitted without triggering an actionRequest review or resolve it yourself.
in-progressService has been requested-
Pending approvalThe cost has exceeded your spending limitsApprove or deny
resolvedService completed-
paidService provider has been paid-

Small issues may remain open and outstanding for years, getting updated many times by multiple tenants. Caretaker won't automatically resolve an issue unless it meets our criteria for issues that are the landlord's responsibility.

Once an issue has been marked as resolved, documentation of work will be emailed to you and its status will change to resolved and then paid.

Issue categorization

Issues are categorized based on the type of service that is needed in order to resolve it. These include:

  1. Handiwork: Repair work that doesn't require a license or specialized knowledge. Examples:

    • Crack in drywall
    • Stained wood floor
    • Non-functioning front door latch
    • Non-functioning window
  2. Electrical: Any issue pertaining to power supply or lighting. Examples:

    • Visible wiring
    • Light won't turn on
  3. Plumbing: Any issue with running water. Examples:

    • Evidence of mold growth
    • Obstructed drain
  4. Heating & Cooling: Any issue with controlling the air within the home. Examples:

    • Non-functioning AC
    • Non-functioning heat
  5. Pest control: Signs that bugs or rodents are able to enter the home. Examples:

    • Ant infestation
    • Dead rodent on property

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