Listing Setup Checklist

Review this checklist to make sure your listing is complete.

The success of your property listings depends on the information provided by you during setup.

Qualification requirements should be listed

Each listing displays a list of the rental requirements that an applicant needs to meet in order to be approved as a tenant. This list is based on the policy that you can set and control.

Available viewing timeslots

The viewings scheduler eliminates back-and-forth messaging as long as the unit has available time windows and access instructions.

Available leasing windows

Minimum lease length (starting at one month for month-to-month leases), start date, and end date.

Access instructions

Add any special notes about finding the unit that should be shared with viewers. They will only see this information once their account has been verified.

  • For self-tours: This is especially important if you have placed a keybox anywhere that isn't the unit's front door.

  • For hosted viewings: By default, viewers will be put in contact with the cell phone number associated with your account, but you can tell them to call an agent's number or the main office line instead.

Post supplementary advertisements

You may want to create advertisements on third-party websites. Use your customized "reply to" email when doing this if you would rather not reply to inquiries yourself. Emails directed at this address will receive automated replies.

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