Setting Up Self Tours

Activate Caretaker's self-touring system at your properties.

Smart locks and keyboxes grant access to renters. There are also optional devices- like sensors, video doorbells, and cameras - that can increase security.

Plan the installation first

The first step towards activating smart access at a property is deciding which access method will work best for the property type. Small apartment buildings, large apartment buildings and single family homes all have unique needs and propensities that should be kept in mind when choosing the right smart lock.

For large or unique properties, Caretaker assists with smart access installation.

Activation checklist

These are the steps that must be completed in order for self-touring to be active at a single unit. Once you've completed these, renters will be able to tour the unit without any additional work.

  1. Place your smart lock order using the Dashboard. Follow the link in the Unit Overview.

All smart lock orders must be placed and fulfilled by Caretaker.

  1. Install the lock yourself or have someone else do it. Setting up the hardware takes about ten minutes for a smart keybox and an hour (and some tools) for a smart deadbolt.

  2. The listing page is the entrance point for all renters who want to book a tour. Review the property Listing page for this unit and make sure it is set to Listed.
  3. Review the access settings for this unit to make sure as many time windows as possible have been made available. This includes:

Access instructions. Add extra guidance for self-service visitors to make sure that they can find their way to the correct door(s). In order to make it as easy as possible for the viewer to find their way to the correct door, provide instructions that are unique to each unit. These are special notes about finding the unit that should be shared with viewers. They will only see this information once their account has been verified.

  • For self-tours: This is especially important if you have placed a keybox anywhere that isn't the unt's front door.

  • For hosted viewings: By default, viewers will be put in contact with the cell phone number associated with your account, but you can tell them to call an agent's number or the main office line instead.

Available time windows. Times during the day or the week when unaccompanied visitors should never be allowed into the unit.

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