Security Measures During Self Tours

Understand how Caretaker's self-touring system protects properties.

Caretaker's smart access system is designed to keep properties safe during self-tours by exercising precise control over who is granted access. A tour can't happen unless the viewer has created an account and verified their identity.

You can bolster security at your properties with additional hardware devices like sensors, video doorbells, and cameras.

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A viewing on Apartment App can't be booked until the viewer has verified their identity

How we verify identity

Getting verified for viewings is the first step in the renter's application process. As long as each viewer's identity is in our records we may be able to assist you in taking action in the event that damage or theft is reported during their time window.

Biometric identity verification.

Caretaker works with Stripe to conduct identity verification online. Stripe builds technology that’s used by millions of companies around the world like Amazon, Google, and Zoom. They help with everything from accepting payments to managing subscriptions to verifying identities.

Stripe helps Caretaker confirm identity by conducting the following checks:

  1. Stripe will capture images of the front and back of the viewer's government-issued photo ID and review to ensure that the document is authentic. They’ve built an automated identity verification technology that looks for patterns to help determine if an ID document is real or fake. This process is like a bank teller checking an ID document to confirm that it’s real.
  2. Stripe will capture photos of the viewer's face and review them to confirm that the photo ID belongs to them. They’ve built automated identity verification technology that uses distinctive physiological characteristics of your face (known as biometric identifiers) to match the captured photos with the photo on the ID document. This process is similar to a bank teller confirming that the photo on an ID document is of the person standing in front of them based on the shape of their nose or eyes—except a lot more accurate.
  3. Stripe will collect their name, date of birth, and government ID number, and check this information against a global set of databases to confirm that it exists.

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