Setting Up Listings

Provide Caretaker with information about each unit so renters can discover your properties.

Provide basic property facts so your property can be marketed. We'll ask you for:

  • Address
  • Square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Noteworthy amenities
  • Furnishing status

Listings should also have the qualification requirements listed, available viewing and leasing windows. Review the listing setup checklist to make sure you have provided enough information to ensure that your listing will be 100% optimized.

If you want to import many listings at once with a feed, get in touch.

Create a listing

Create a single listing for one unit using the Dashboard.

  1. Select the Units tab on the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. Choose the address of the property that needs a listing or select Add Unit to create a new unit.
  3. Select Setup my listing from the menu at the top of the page.
  4. Provide basic details about the unit. These won't change going forward, so you'll just be doing this once.
    • How many bedrooms are there?
    • How many bathrooms are there? A half-bathroom refers to a room with a toilet and sink but no shower.
    • How furnished is the unit? Read the categories carefully to make sure your listing is accurate:
      • Unfurnished: Broom-swept condition with no furniture.
      • Partially furnished: Comes with core furnishings of a bed and a couch.
      • Furnished: Each room has furniture but other details like flatware, towels, and bedding aren't necessarily included.
  5. Select all of the amenities that help the unit to stand out.
  6. Choose a rent price and security deposit amount. By default, the deposit is set as the rent price.
  7. Choose the earliest date that a tenant could move in.
  8. (Optional) pick a minimum length. Applicants will not be able to apply if their desired tenancy is less than your minimum.
  9. Add a description that summarizes the rest of the listing - describe the amenities and basic details that you already selected.
  10. Upload at least one photo.

The listing is now complete and listed publicly. Return to the Unit Overview page to set up viewings if you haven't already.

Import listings

Import many listings at once with a .csv file or feed. For more information, contact Support.

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