Renter Experience

See what booking a self-tour feels like for a renter.

When self-tours are activated, interested renters can book viewings in a few seconds and tour properties whenever is convenient for them. The ideal experience looks like this for the renter:

  1. Selects a time slot from a list of available time windows.
  2. Verifies their identity.
  3. Books the viewing
  4. Immediately sees the address, instructions for how to get inside, and the option to cancel and reschedule.
  5. An hour before the viewing, receives a reminder email + SMS.
  6. When the viewing window opens, receives the access code that will work for the duration of the time slot, the same instructions from before, and your number in case they need help during the tour.

    During each tour, renters see instructions and photos that they can reference on their phone either to get help finding the right unit or to help them explore the property.

  7. When the time slot has ended, receives a prompt to apply for the unit or ask further questions.

As they progress through each step, they're given appropriate information for that step via email and text. They are also sent back to the listing page to learn more about the building, the unit they are looking at, other units in the building, get any questions answered, and apply.

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