Viewing Scheduler

The viewing scheduler lets renters book tours instantly online.

Self-service scheduling enables more showings in less time because renters can book appointment times instantly, without having to wait for someone else's response. The button that allows renters to book viewings sits just above the Apply Instantly button on each listing.

While the scheduling steps are exactly the same for self-guided tours and agent-hosted tours, the button appears differently than otherwise:

How it works

Here are the steps required to schedule a viewing:

  1. View available time windows: A renter chooses from the available time windows that are associated with the unit. These can be adjusted in the the Caretaker dashboard.

    We only show renters available time windows for the next three days. When viewings are booked farther out, they are more likely to be forgotten. We also do this to communicate urgency, since the purpose of instant scheduling is to book tours quickly.

  2. Verify identity:If they have not verified their identity, they are redirected to a different tab in their browser (or their mobile browser) to do so.
  3. Viewing is booked: The time is confirmed. It cannot be booked by anyone else. The renter sees a confirmation screen with the unit's address and instructions for their viewing.


The scheduler also allows for easy canceling. When a viewing is canceled the time window immediately becomes available again so it can be booked by someone else. The person who canceled is prompted to reschedule.

Requests and waitlists

If a listed listing has no available windows, the viewer can request that they be added. If this happens you will be notified.

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