Navigating the Caretaker Dashboard

Real-time activity streams and analytics to see how properties are performing.

The Dashboard gives you visibility into what is happening at your properties and control over how each unit is managed. It's organized into three main reasons for using it:

  • See: Real-time transparency into each property's performance
  • Control: Operating procedures that you can adjust
  • Request: Ask for specific services and change your plan

To get to the right place faster, use the search bar on the top right of the dashboard - just type the property address or tenant name that you're interested in.

See everything that's happening at your properties

Think of Home as an executive summary or the first page of an owner's statement: everything you need to know will be surfaced here. Once your plan is activated, the rest of the Dashboard is meant to be optional.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the operational reports that are linked on the left-hand navigation menu display live, unfiltered activity streams from all units at once. Within each report, you can click on any individual items to see more detail.

To see an overview for a single unit, select the address on the Units page or type it into Search then select the unit that you're interested in. The Unit Overview will only display activities and transactions pertaining to the individual unit.

Exporting reports

You can export raw data from your account as CSV files. Click the Export button within your Units page. To export transactional data for specific leases, select the address on the Leases Report or type the address into Search. Select Export on the top right of the card that shows historical rent payments for that lease.

Control how units are managed

Settings is where you adjust how Caretaker manages your properties. Adjust these controls for all units at once:

  • Renter requirements policy
  • Toggle enforcement of automated rent payments
  • Maintenance workflow rules

For certain settings, you will have the option to set different configurations for specific units, a subset of units, or all units at once: - Available time windows for smart access - Budget and campaign type for Marketing boosts - Preferred service providers for resolving maintenance issues

Request new services

Keep in mind that what you see in your Dashboard varies based on the plan that you have chosen. To view your current plan, compare features and make changes navigate to Billing. Depending on your plan, you may be able to use the Dashboard to:

  • Request damage coverage by submitting a claim on a security deposit
  • Report a maintenance issue that needs servicing
  • Order new smart locks

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