Management Settings

Digital, dynamic controls for how your properties are managed.

There are two kinds of settings that you can adjust: global settings and unit settings.

  • Global settings: Preferences that should be applied consistently to all of your units. Adjust these in the Settings section of your dashboard.
  • Unit settings: Certain settings are specific to the unit and therefore need to be adjusted in the Unit Overview.

Adjust your settings

Navigate to the settings section of your dashboard to adjust global settings. Here's what you can adjust:

  • Access: Each unit is associated with a calendar so you can decide who is granted access and when. This can only be adjusted in the Unit Overview.
  • Applications: Setting minimum criteria for anyone who lives in your properties. You can choose global application requirements if you want one single policy that applies to all of your units. Alternatively, you can override your global settings for a specific unit on that unit's dashboard.
  • Leases: Certain terms in your lease agreement can be enforced strictly either for all tenants or just for certain units. The only currently available setting is rent autopay, which allows you to require that tenants put their rent on autopay. This can only be adjusted for all units at once. More adjustable lease settings are coming soon.

Recommendations and requirements

In some cases, you will see recommended settings or specific requirements for a certain setting.

Available time windows7AM to 10PM M-FMinimum 1 timeslot
Access instructionsPin code for accessCannot be blank
Tenant requirementsSee recommendationsNone

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