Management Settings

Digital, dynamic controls for how your properties are managed.

Caretaker gives you as much control over and visibility into how your properties are managed as possible without doing any of the day-to-day work yourself. This begins with reviewing and adjusting your management settings.

Most of these settings can be adjusted by you from the settings section of the dashboard. Certain settings are specific to the unit and therefore need to be adjusted in the Unit Overview.


Mitigate tenant risk by setting minimum criteria for anyone who lives in your properties. You can choose requirements that apply to all of your units or choose different requirements per listing.

Income to rent ratioMinimum 30xNoAll units
Credit scoreMinimum 650NoAll units
BackgroundNo evictionsNoAll units
BackgroundNo criminal notesNoPer location


Decide how renters should be attracted, selected and welcomed.

Caretaker DefaultRequired?Type
Promotional channelsSee listNoAll units
Type of viewingSelf-guidedYesPer unit
Availability of viewingsNoMinimum 1 timeslotPer unit
Prequalification checksVerified identity, surveyNoPer unit
Targeted adsNoNoPer unit


Tell us which repairs require your approval, setup spending limits for maintenance and repair work, and control who can and cannot be hired.

Caretaker DefaultRequired?Type
Approved providersHVAC, Electric, PlumbingYesBoth
Annual spending limit5%NoBoth
Per issue spending limit$300YesAll units


Each unit is associated with a calendar that is designed to be edited by multiple parties. You can decide who is granted access and when.

Available time windows7AM to 10PM M-FMinimum 1 timeslotPer unit

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