Activate Your Plan

Everything you need to know about the steps required to activate your Caretaker property management plan.

Once you’ve decided to move forward with Caretaker, chosen a pricing plan, and created an account we will need you to tell us about your properties and your preferences for how they should be managed.

Activation steps

  1. Access handover
  2. Agree on terms
  3. Property and renter details
  4. Fund your operating account

1. Access handover

Give us access to each unit by equipping each door with a smart deadbolt or keybox. This lets Caretaker’s systems control access to each unit to coordinate showings and maintenance.


Smart access installation is taken care of for you on Caretaker Mogul.

2. Terms

Choose preferences for the flow of money, limits on spending approved spending categories and vendors, and more controls for how your properties are managed.

Access availability windows24/7/365
Spending limits$300 per work order, 5% per year
Approved providersOne for each core system
Minimum renter qualifications3X monthly rent, >650 FICO

3. Property and renter details

Provide basic details about each property necessary for each of your systems. For example, Marketing requires relevant details like amenities, square footage, and photos. Maintenance requires a baseline health check: tell us about any maintenance issues to keep an eye on by submitting an initial property inspection.

Provide current renter details if there are any so we can welcome them and make sure they feel taken care of from the get-go.

4. Financial workflows

Caretaker creates an operating account for you that will fund expenses across all of your units. We will ask you to fund it upfront and keep it at a minimum level at all times. The required amount depends on your number of units.

Our support team is here to help as you move through these steps. We’ll do everything we can to get your properties running on Caretaker in time for the next month's rent payments.

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