Unit Dashboard

The control center for everything happening at a single unit.

While the homepage of your dashboard gives you an overview of what's happening across all of your units, the Unit Dashboards is where you can check the status of a particular unit and update the settings for that unit.

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Tenant information

At the top of the page, you will find a summary of the unit's current lessee. This includes the amount of rent they're paying, the status of their next payment, whether or not they have enabled autoplay, the total rent received from them, and the duration of their lease.

To explore any of these items in more detail and make changes click View & manage the active lease.

If do not yet have a tenant then you will be prompted to invite one.

Access activity

Let prospective tenants, current tenants, and service providers know when they can expect to gain access to the unit in the Access activity section of your unit dashboard. If you'll be providing access yourself, choose the time windows when you know will be available to open doors at the property. If you have a lock with a pin code installed at the unit and you want to enable self-service access, choose time windows that are appropriate for this scenario.

Access instructions are written guidance that you want to make sure anyone gaining access reads. Instructions can include tips for finding the unit, backup phone numbers, and lock pin codes.

To update your time windows and add access instructions for the unit click Manage access settings.

Maintenance status

The maintenance status information for each unit includes resolved or unresolved maintenance issues for the unit and the inspection history for the unit. If no one has ever inspected the unit then you will be prompted to create the first inspection.

Marketing details

At the bottom of the Unit Dashboard you will either be prompted to set up the property listing for the unit so that it can be marketed or see the marketing details that you've already added. Return to this section at any point if you want to edit marketing details.

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