Operational Reports

Detailed reports show you what's going on at your properties in real-time.

When you navigate beyond Home by clicking any of the menu items on the left side of the screen you will see in-depth activity streams organized by system. Think of these as live feeds of activity from all of your active units.

Reports that are currently available include:

  1. Issue reports: Status of the report, service type that would be required to resolve it, unit, and the name of the reporter.
  2. Inspections: Number of new maintenance issues uncovered, old issues marked as resolved, unit, and name of the inspector.
  3. Lease contracts: All upcoming, active, and expired lease contracts, name of the lessee, unit, rent amount, overdue rent, and estimated days until lease renewal.
  4. Questions: View the questions that renters have asked for all properties that have been publicly listed.
  5. Viewings: Past and upcoming viewings that have been confirmed. See when each one was scheduled, the appointment date and time, unit, and prospective renter.
  6. Applicants: List of renters who have applied. Only qualified renters will show up here since unqualified renters are not able to submit an application.

Select any of the items within a report to see details on the activity. For example, click into a deposit to view the details of each deposit, including previous claims that have been made and the outcomes of those claims. Click on a single lease to see a detailed list of historical rent payments and the activity stream between you, Caretaker, and the tenant.

Caretaker is regularly making updates to which data you see and how it's shown. Get in touch to ask for updates.

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