Access Instructions

Tips and directions to facilitate self-service entry.

Instructions are shown to every verified visitor once they have booked an appointment time. Their purpose is to make minimize confusion about where the door is, where the smart lock, and any other hiccup that might negatively affect the experience of the prospective renter or the maintenance provider who is gaining access to the unit.

For each unit, smart access control won't be setup until instructions have been added.

Add access instructions

  1. In the Dashboard, select the address of the property that needs instructions. Alternatively, if you are setting up a smart lock that Caretaker shipped to you then follow the link provided in the delivery notification email.
  2. Add written instructions. Remember to customize them for this particular unit.
  3. If possible, add a photo to complement the written instructions.


To write effective access instructions, imagine that you are approaching the property for the first time. You'll need to find the entrance or both entrances, the door, and the smart lock. In some situations this may be extremely simple. In others, access may be tricker so it will be more important to add thorough instructions. Here are some scenario examples:

Does the property has an important amenity that isn't obvious?

For example, a pool or gym that will not be on the renter's path to the apartment.

Does access require the use of a smart keybox that's located outside of the property's main door?

In this case, adding a photo of the keybox in relation to the entryway of the building is especially important.


A helpful photo included in access instructions

Is the unit is part of a large building with many units?

To prevent visitors from getting lost you can include a map of the property as a link or as an image attachment.

Is there a code for the common entryway?

If an additional code not provided by Caretaker will be required it's important to make sure this is clear as soon as possible. In buildings with keypad intercoms on the main entrance door, the visitor may need that keypad code. Include it in your instructions.

Is there a doorman?

In a doorman building, the visitor might need to provide the front desk with their name. Warn them in your instructions.

Will you or the current tenant be present?

Smart access assumes that units will be vacant during available time windows.

Smart access assumes that units will be vacant during available time windows. If smart access is not setup, Caretaker assumes that you or someone else will be meeting the visitor at the property and puts them in touch with you directly when their appointment window begins. You can add additional instructions if you want, but it's not necessary.

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