Smart Lock Integrations

Caretaker only works with pre-certified smart locks.

Caretaker integrates with smart locks that meet our security and usability criteria. Each precertified smart lock must meet these criteria:

  • Work without WiFi or Bluetooth: This means it's less vulnerable to security concerns and can be stored outside or on the door to a home that's been tenants and without an internet setup.

  • Time-based one-time passwords: Pin codes must be temporary and only work for very short time frames.

  • Infinite pin-codes per day: Some smart lock is only able to produce a few pin codes per day it creates operational bottlenecks.

Available locks


The available smart locks are the IglooHome Keybox 2 and Keybox 3 and the IglooHome Smart Deadbolt.

Check back here for news of new integrations as they are added, and get in touch to request an integration.

iglooHome Keybox 2 and Keybox 3

The smart keybox is a padlock with a digital screen that can hang on or nearby the door. Keys are stored inside of it and the box is opened using a secure pin-code or Bluetooth.

Keybox features

  • Long battery life: The lock uses AAA alkaline batteries. They can last up to twelve months.
  • Can remain outside: The keybox is weather-resistant but cannot be submerged in water.
  • No need for WiFi: The keybox is weather-resistant but cannot be submerged in water.
  • Fits most doors: Each keybox comes with two shackles designed for different sized door handles.

Deadbolt 2s

The smart deadbolt becomes part of the door's internal locking mechanism, replacing the old lock and allowing for completely keyless entry.

Smart deadbolt installations are available on Caretaker Mogul. Get in touch to order deadbolts or get help planning your installation.

Deadbolt features

  • Access logs: A sensor on the deadbolt makes it possible to know exactly who is coming and leaving.
  • Automatic relocking: If the lock is ever left unlocked it can relock itself after every use.
  • Useful backup methods: Each deadbolt comes with a physical key that can be used in case of emergency and can also be emergency jumpstarted if the battery dies.


The Deadbolt 2S can only be installed on doors that meet these specifications:

  • Wooden swing door (Left/Right)
  • Door thickness 43 to 60mm thick
  • Backset 60 or 70mm / 2.36 or 2.76in
  • Door clearance >110mm

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