Caretaker’s system for placing tenants relies on a combination of automation and self-service functionality to match housing units with qualified tenants faster with less work.

How it works

The listing page is the core component of the system. Listings inform renters about current rental rates, sizes, locations, and all amenities of a property and make it easy to check if they're qualified, book a viewing or ask a question. Listings empower renters to make a leasing decision without speaking to a salesperson.

Listings automatically change from unlisted to listed when a tenant gives 30 days' notice on a month-to-month lease or 60 days before the end of a fixed-term lease. They remain listed until a new tenant is accepted.

Once a listing is published, it’s syndicated to a variety of different outlets which will begin to drive traffic to the listing within 48 hours.

Prospective renters see the listing in an advertisement or by browsing Caretaker's platform for renters, Apartment App.

Auto responses

When renters send inquiries on a website like Zillow they will receive an instant reply instructing them to visit the Apartment App listing.

You will see all automated responses in your inbox as well but you do not need to reply to these emails.

They will receive a follow-up message the next day.

Stepped qualification

Renters are prequalified to different degrees starting when they discover the listing and decide that they're interested. They cannot apply until they've proven that that they meet a fixed, objective set of criteria.

Steps for renters:

  1. The requirements that they will have to meet are displayed prominently on the listing page.
  2. In order to book a viewing, they must: a) Confirm that they have reviewed the requirements and meet them; b) Use Caretaker's biometric identification software to verify their identity and government-isseued photo ID.
  3. When they are ready to apply, they are required to check that their proposed lease terms would be acceptable.

As the owner, you will only hear about qualified applicants who are ready to sign a lease and have deposited earnest money.

  1. Lastly, they are guided through the steps for proving that they meet all of the requirements. The most important parts are:

If they have trouble doing any of these things, they contact the Apartment App Helpdesk.

Caretaker does not negotiate rent amounts or lease terms with renters.

Notifications and reports

Renters receive a carefully designed set of notifications with reminders, updates designed to encourage them to book a viewing, prequalify and apply.

You will receive notifications when:

  • A question is asked about a unit
  • A viewing is booked
  • A qualified applicant is ready to sign the lease

You can track reports and analytics for all listed units. Unit Overview to see overall views and campaign analytics. To see all marketing activities across your portfolio, including viewings booked and questions asked, select the Marketing tab in your dashboard.

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